Let’s give Nepali children a school!


An example of a school that we want to build. The cost is 10 000 usd. The school can accommodate 150 children.


Since 25th of April 2015, Nepal has been suffering from severe earthquakes. In the region of Sindhupalchok alone,
more than 2000 people died, thousands of people were injured and 3000 people are still missing. The earthquake desolated
almost the entire region as 80% of buildings were destroyed and people who survived are suffering from a lack of basic
products and utilities. The roads have been damaged and traveling to this region is now very difficult.

. After the earthquake one of the first aid action was organised by Samjahana Phuyal from the Social Empowerment by
Empowering Women (SEW-W) who had transported the citizens of this region to the suburbs of Kathmandu to provide them
with basic life and medical treatment.

A shocking story by Samjahana about earthquake in Kathmandu is published on the blog Vital Voices Global Partnership:
“Nepals Earthquake Surviving Aftermath”. The information can also be found in Wikipedia: Earthquake in 2015.

More details on: http://pomozmy-dzieciom.org.pl/nepal/nepal-en